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Welcome to Dorybird: authentic, hand drawn art from the heart! Art prints, children's books, handmade bags, and pdf sewing patterns for YOU! Come check it out!

Dorothy Tully, artist, author illustrator of children's books, sewist of handmade shop Dorybird, enjoys eclairs in a cafe with her daughter

I'm always making stuff!

Hi, I'm Dorothy Tully, an artist and mama in Rhode Island, USA! I'm inspired by my kids, pets, nature, and the fun little details of life, which you'll find in my joyful drawings, paintings, and illustration art prints!

To go on some really amazing adventures, just open one of my children's books! I have so much fun writing new stories, and then hand-drawing whimsical, detailed watercolor illustrations to make the books as awesome as possible. :) Kids love exploring these fantasy worlds!

Everything here is handmade by me! I hope you're inspired by my art, and have a great day! :)

About Me
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    Thank You!

    Thank you for your support! I'm so grateful (and excited every day!) for your enthusiasm for my work! You all inspire me to keep going, to bring my creative ideas to life! I hope my work brings you and your family joy!

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  • Take the Creative Path

    I'm always encouraging people to create authentically themselves! Everyone is an artist, no matter how skilled or unskilled, so if you want to make something, I say go for it! It feels really good to bring your ideas to life.

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  • A hand painted watercolor illustration of a family gardening in the backyard with pets, butterflies, raspberries, peaches, tomatoes by artist Dorothy Tully

    Relax and enjoy!

    Do more of what makes you happy! For me, this is gardening, being outdoors, hanging with my family, playing with my pets, and bringing more rainbows and imagination into the world. :) Celebrate your special times, bring art into your space and feel the joy!

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