Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
ocean cloth diaper, nautical all in one, bamboo hemp AIO diaper, toddler overnight CD, WAHM Chickadee cloth, made in USA, Dorybird
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)
Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)

Ocean Friends, Chickadee Cloth Diaper, Large (22-35+ lbs.)

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Chickadee cloth diapers will make you smile at every diaper change! They're fun, they're functional, they fit! My unique design is an all-in-one (AIO) with a snap-in bamboo/hemp insert, sized for your baby's needs. Suuuuper absorbent, and trim, too!

Keep the summer vibe going all year in this handmade sea life AIO diaper -- fish, crabs, lighthouses, whales, jellyfish (even tiny anchors!) swim through the water. Who doesn't love the beach?! :)

Whether you already love cloth diapering, or you're just getting started in cloth, you will love Chickadee cloth diapers!! Why? Because they are easy, they work, and they are so stinkin' cute! ;)

Chickadee Large cloth diapers are your best choice after baby has outgrown Medium. (Or, if you are new to Chickadee, welcome to the toddler diaper you've been looking for!)

I KNOW that absorbency is a major concern for toddlers, and Larges HAVE IT. With this mix of hemp and bamboo in the snap-in trifold insert, you are good to go. This will definitely be your all around go-to diaper!!

Features include: 

  • I make each diaper myself, from my tested design. MADE IN USA! :)
  • All-in-one design: one piece! Nothing to lose in the wash! Easy as a disposable!
  • SIZED diapers: Get Your Perfect Fit! I designed Chickadee diapers to both FIT and have the RIGHT ABSORBENCY for your child's size. If you want a TRIM diaper without the issues of OS diapers like bulky bunchy fabric, scratchy rise snaps, or your babe outgrowing the fit OR the absorbency, try Chickadee! Babies come in more than one size!
  • Bamboo, cotton, hemp natural fiber insert: When folded in thirds, you get 9 LAYERS of absorbency! Tested on my heavy wetter!! Each size diaper has its own appropriately sized insert.
  • Quick-Dry! The insert is TRIFOLD, meaning it's a 3-layer rectangle that dries in one cycle!
  • Waterproof PUL outer! No cover needed!
  • Simple one-piece design! Attached insert goes into the sleeve pocket so there are no flappy moving parts to deal with on a squirmy baby! Also, I can't stand spraying/cleaning those flappy soakers on other diapers (there is always hidden poo), so I have spared you the trouble, too! :)
  • Super soft stay-dry inner keeps baby feeling dry. (If you want natural fiber on baby's bum, you can fold and leave the insert on top of the pocket: done!)
  • Easy as a disposable! CAREGIVER AND DAYCARE FRIENDLY! When you have a stack of these ready to go, there is no confusion. When you open it up, it looks like a disposable. I've used them at nursery school and they like them better than any others they've seen!
  • No unstuffing! The insert agitates out on its own in the wash (but still stays attached)! If you add other boosters to the pocket, they will come out, too. :)
  • Easy BIG HAND FRIENDLY sleeve! Super simple to get the insert into the pocket. Daddy tested and approved! :)
  • Snap-in Insert is removable if needed -- to prep, clean, dry how you like, use in another shell. Insert snaps are covered so do not touch baby.


Newborn: 6-12 lbs. * Rise fully stretched = 13.5"
Small: 10-17 lbs. * Rise fully stretched = 14.5"
Medium: 14-26 lbs. * Rise fully stretched = 16"
Large: 22-35+ lbs. * Rise fully stretched = 19" (generous!!)

Weights are approximate. Every baby is shaped differently, and that's why I've made 4 sizes for your little one's perfect fit! :)

Care Info

Please see my About Chickadee Cloth Diapers page for more info!

Thank you so much for supporting a one-person small business! I appreciate each and every order.