Honoring and protecting the environment is important to me. I LOVE gardening (I'm planting as many trees as I can in my yard!!), camping, the beach, and just getting outside. I want to share the joy of the natural world with my girls as they grow, and help preserve it for future generations.

So in my own "what can one person do?" way, I want to share with you what Dorybird is doing to protect our magical planet.


Buying handmade clothes from an independent sewist like me not only helps support a small family business (and the indie businesses that I support when I buy fabric and patterns), it is the opposite of "fast fashion" and all the waste that comes with that industry. Dorybird clothes are made to last, so you can confidently hand them down to other kids in your life -- reduce, reuse, recycle! :)

Cloth Diapers

I love everything about cloth diapers, from how cute they are (of course!) to how they protect baby's bum from chemicals, ease potty training, and how they can save a family money in the long run. But the biggest thing for me is that I'm keeping waste out of landfills every time I change my baby.

Reusing cloth diapers for our babies is one way we can all help keep the planet green. Even if you only use cloth part-time, or for a few changes a day/week, that's one less disposable. You don't have to be perfect, or a complete cloth enthusiast (like me!!)! It all adds up.

Organic Fabrics

I get my fabrics from a bunch of places online. Usually I'm looking for the most fun prints, the brightest/cutest, things that mix and match in creative ways. Not every fabric I use is organic, I'll just say that up front. Lots of prints simply aren't available on an organic base, but I can't pass them up due to the cuteness factor!

But, I do use many organic fabrics! (If a piece is 100% organic, I will note this in the listing.) I've found the buttery soft Birch organic solid colors to be a favorite, along with Art Gallery knits and many different Euro knits. These premium fabrics are substantial, sew up well, and are better for the environment.

Organic is important, so going forward I'll try to make even more Dorybird pieces from organic fabrics. Happily, more and more amazing, quirky prints are being offered on organic cotton fabric!

100% Recycled Mailers

The mailers I use to send out orders are made from 100% recycled plastic!! Not only that, they have a second sticky strip on them so you can easily re-use them another time. After that, they are recyclable -- along with your plastic grocery bags (usually accepted in a bin at the supermarket). Hooray!!

USPS has not yet caught on to using recycled plastic in their padded flat rate envelopes, but hopefully they will someday soon!

I wrap each item in decorative, 100% recycled tissue paper, for your gifting delight -- either to yourself or someone you love. ;)

"Greening" Your Shipping

I've added a cool service to the Dorybird shop, Cloverly. It's completely optional!

If you check the box at checkout, Cloverly calculates the carbon offset cost of shipping your order, and it gets added to your total. It's usually less than a dollar!

By checking the box, you can choose to support their sustainability programs that are working all over the country (and world) to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Here is an interactive map of their current projects.

The extra change you pay goes directly to the Cloverly program, not to me/Dorybird.

I encourage you to use this cool opportunity to offset the carbon of shipping your order, by greening it!