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Tales of Toasty and Snowy - Owl Children's Book written and illustrated by Dorothy Tully

Tales of Toasty and Snowy - Owl Children's Book written and illustrated by Dorothy Tully

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Toasty and Snowy are two owl best friends. They're a bit scatterbrained (especially Snowy!) but they mean well, always helping out each other and their friends. In this full-color illustrated book of three fun, upbeat stories, they go to the laundromat and tumble in the dryer, get caught up in knitting a scarf, and get a bit lost on the way to a friend’s party.

Kids will enjoy the humorous storylines and fun drawings of this goofy pair. Drawn in comics style with pen and computer-colored, the appealing drawings add to the book’s charm. What will those silly owls get up to next?

These stories are positive and fun, with that perfect “read to me!” quality. Genuine dialogue, lively characters focused on friendship, and adventure will draw kids in and spark plenty of laughs. Adults will enjoy reading the book with younger children, while simple storylines are great for older independent readers, too.

Take a positive, fun journey into fantasy worlds of animals and magic that young readers (and their grownups) will love! Whether your child reads yet or not, my books are perfect for snuggling together and reading out loud.

I write tales of both everyday life and not-too-scary adventures that blend in gentle messages of gratitude, resilience, friendship, and other emotional skills. They are fun, comforting, and safe, as kids' books should be.

And some of the stories are just plain silly! ;)

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