About Me!

Dorothy Tully and her dog, Moxie

I'm always making stuff! Whether a spontaneous gift for my kids or a friend (painting, sewn plushie, shirt, greeting card, other random surprises . . .) a more in-depth painting, figuring out a new sewing pattern design, or bigger ongoing book projects, I like to keep my hands busy creating. It's good for the soul!

I believe that when we express ourselves authentically, connections deepen and healing energies grow. I'm an optimist and I try to focus on the good stuff, things that matter, AND enjoying and celebrating all my favorite everythings (like Bollywood movies, sushi, and nerding out about various topics!). ;) I want to share this energy with you through what I do, and I hope my art resonates with you -- and with kids everywhere!

THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and support of my work! It truly keeps me going, because creating and connecting with you through ART is the best ever! I'm grateful that you're travelling the creative path with me as I keep making all the things!

Two Koalabirds look at a rainbow butterfly! Watercolor art by Dorothy Tully

all natural art, made organically

I hand draw and color everything. I guess I just never got on board with all the digital art . . . probably because I hate sitting at the computer! I'd much rather be hands-on, feeling the real materials on the page and watching how the art unfolds. With no "undo", sometimes pieces take an unexpected turn! I love this and work with it as best I can. It's a great antidote to trying to be "perfect".

Get outside

I grew up in Boston, lived in Pittsburgh (where I got a BFA in Design) and Washington state (where I was a Master Gardener!), and now I'm right at home in Rhode Island with my husband, kids, dogs, and cat! I love having the beach nearby and enjoying the breathing room of my leafy Little Rhody town. I'm out in my garden all summer tending "no dig" veggie beds, picking fruits, and growing tons of perennial flowers!

Nature and the outdoors, plants, animals, and fresh air are important to me, and if you feel the same, I hope my work connects with you!

keep playing

As a kid, I got super excited about anything cute, and I still do! (My favorite was playing Calico Critters -- then called Sylvanian Families -- in my wooden dollhouse!)

Now, my girls inspire me to keep playing, laughing, drawing, writing, being open to experiences, and delighting in all the quirky, wonderful things in the world.

Kids are so imaginative, wild and free and I so enjoy making art for them, and anyone who is still a kid at heart.

My Art Journey

Having always been an "art kid" who drew at every opportunity, I started getting my art into the world with autobiographical comic books over 20 years ago. I made my way through blogging off and on, and have sold art online that includes needle-felted sculpture, handmade books I printed out and stapled, and art prints.

After my first daughter was born, I fell in love with sewing and ventured into hand-painted shirts, handmade cloth diapers, children's clothes, bags, and quilts.

Now I've come back around to drawing and painting (and books!) -- and some sewing when I feel like it. I still keep way too much fabric on hand at all times. :)

Dorybird Handmade Baby Children's Clothes, Quilts, Bags, Sewing   Dorybird: Girl in Handmade Rainbow Crossover Dress

 my kiddos, early days of Dorybird

My cute dog Maple, asleep and smiling, resting on a handmade patchwork quilt on the couch :)

Thank You!

Thank you for your support! I'm so grateful (and excited every day!) for all of YOU! You inspire me to keep going, to bring my creative ideas to life! I hope my work brings you and your family joy!

Pile of sketchbooks in a sunbeam, waiting for ideas! With thin markers and a cup of tea in background

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