Children's Books

Take a positive, fun journey into fantasy worlds of animals and magic that young readers (and their grownups) will love! Whether your child reads yet or not, my books are perfect for snuggling together and reading out loud.

I write tales of both everyday life and not-too-scary adventures that blend in gentle messages of gratitude, resilience, friendship, and other emotional skills. They are fun, comforting, and safe, as kids' books should be.

And some of the stories are just plain silly! ;)

  • Imagine and Sketch

    I start with small thumbnails of my page ideas, writing a loose script on these same pages as I go. Then I make slightly larger sketches to get each drawing's composition the way I want it. Somewhere in here I type up my script, but sometimes not until the end of the process!

  • Lots of Paintings!

    Now it's time to create each individual painting for each page of the book. The process is just like making one of my illustrations for an art print. This step takes a long time, since I have to pencil, ink, and color A LOT of pictures! I do color in a few drawings at a time while I have my paint colors mixed.

  • Layout to Final Book

    When all the pictures are ready, I scan them in, color-correct as needed, and plop them into a big page layout program along with my typed text chunks. I upload this file to Amazon, they print it as a nice book, and I stock copies here in the studio that I sign for YOU and send!

Owls hugging, Toasty and Snowy from children's book by artist author illustrator Dorothy Tully

Amazon Author Page

You can also find my books on Amazon, where they are printed on demand and sent directly to you. It honestly supports me more if you buy my signed books here on my site (they are the exact same books), but you can shop on Amazon, too!

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