My Art Journey

Having always been an "art kid" who drew at every opportunity, I started getting my art into the world with autobiographical comic books over 20 years ago. I made my way through blogging off and on, and have sold art online that includes needle-felted sculpture, handmade books I printed out and stapled, and art prints.

After my first daughter was born, I fell in love with sewing and ventured into hand-painted shirts, handmade cloth diapers, children's clothes, bags, and quilts.

Now I've come back around to drawing and painting (and books!) -- and some sewing when I feel like it. I still keep way too much fabric on hand at all times. :)

Dorybird Handmade Baby Children's Clothes, Quilts, Bags, Sewing   Dorybird: Girl in Handmade Rainbow Crossover Dress

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