About Me!

Dorothy Tully from Dorybird baby and children's clothes and cloth diapers

Dorybird is the home of Dorothy Tully, artist, author, mama of two girls, and self-taught sewing enthusiast! I love color, rainbows, and bright, fun patterns. I try hard not to buy way too much fabric, but this is hard for me. ;)

I taught myself to sew thanks to indie tutorials, blogs, and YouTube. ;) I first really started by making cloth trainers and clothes for my daughter in 2014. When I had my second daughter, I began sewing cloth diapers for her. I obsessed over getting the perfect design, and the result is my Chickadee cloth diaper! I have both ready-to-ship diapers for sale, and my cloth diaper pattern if you'd like to make some for your child.

I've always loved drawing and making comics, too, and I also write children's books! Please take a look at my fairy series or my other positive, silly picture books.

I have a background in art and design, I love gardening, comics, sushi, Bollywood romances, the British Baking Show, and upbeat electronic music! (My list of nerdy fandoms is long....) My family and I (including two dogs and a cat) live in a cozy town in Rhode Island. I hope my Dorybird creations will make you and your little ones smile!