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Dorothy Tully, artist and illustrator of Dorybird, outside with her dog, Moxie


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First off, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and support of my work! It truly keeps me going, because creating and connecting with you through ART is the best ever! Dorybird is my ongoing little artist shop dream, and I'm grateful that you're travelling this path with me as I keep making all the things!

Dorybird is the home of Dorothy Tully, artist, author, mama of two girls, and self-taught sewing enthusiast! I love color, rainbows, cute animals, and bright, fun patterns. I try hard not to buy way too much fabric, but this is hard for me. ;)

I've always loved drawing, reading and making comics, and I also write and illustrate children's books! I create fun, joyful stories that kids can really engage with while they visit magical worlds. My daughters' imaginations inspire me every day! I think it's important for kids (and grown-ups!) to express their open curiosity and creativity!

I taught myself to sew thanks to indie tutorials, blogs, and YouTube. ;) I first really started by making cloth trainers and clothes for my daughter in 2014. When I had my second daughter, I began sewing cloth diapers for her. I obsessed over getting the perfect design, and the result is my Chickadee cloth diaper! Check out my cloth diaper pattern if you'd like to make some SUPER EFFECTIVE cloth diapers for your child.

My love for sewing and curiosity to try new (challenging!) projects just expanded after that! I've been sewing for my girls, myself, friends, family, and YOU ever since!

Dorybird Handmade Baby Children's Clothes, Quilts, Bags, Sewing

 my kiddos, early days of Dorybird

Dorybird colorful Handmade Kids Clothing, Girl in Rainbow Crossover Dress


I have a background in art and design, I love gardening, Archie comics, sushi, Bollywood romances, Studio Ghibli, and upbeat electronic music! (Oh, and my list of nerdy fandoms is long....) My family and I (including two dogs and a cat) live in a cozy town in Rhode Island. I hope my Dorybird creations will make you and your little ones smile!

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