What are your shipping rates?

Please see my Shipping and SIzing page

Where is your size chart?

Each listing shows the measurements for the finished piece, which follows normal US baby/kid sizing. Please measure your child to be sure of a good fit! Also, see the Shipping and Sizing page.

Please tell me about how you make the clothes!

I make all pieces in my smoke-free home sewing space! I only use cotton fabrics, and I prewash them in fragrance-free detergent (Country Save) before I start sewing with them, to allow for shrinkage.

On my home sewing machine, I use durable thread and a stretch stitch to allow for kiddo movement and NO broken threads! :) I reinforce seams where it's possible, so the clothing will last!

If I use woven cotton fabrics (which could fray), I either cozily tuck under those raw edges when I hem, or secure them with a zigzag stitch.

After finishing each piece, I wash it one last time in fragrance-free detergent, to remove sewing pen marks and "settle it in" before taking pictures and sending it to you!

Fun fact: my vintage iron is from 1969 and still going strong!

What are the care instructions?

I want washing clothes to be easy (who doesn't?). Rest assured, you can wash Dorybird clothing with your other kid laundry, however you normally do! For the very best results, you can turn the clothes inside-out and wash on cold, then hang to dry or tumble dry on medium.

Can I get a gift card for your shop?

Yes! Click this link for gift cards.

What are the details on cloth diapers?

Please see my About Chickadee Cloth Diapers page.

To shop ready-to-ship cloth diapers, and my pattern to make your own, please visit Dorybird Designs on Etsy.


Are your clothes organic?
All Dorybird clothes are breathable, natural cotton! Lots of Dorybird clothes are organic, or have organic elements/parts. If a piece is 100% organic, it will be noted in the listing and found in the Organic Cotton category. I'm working to bring more 100% organic options to the shop. Let me know if this is something you want to see more of!
See my Sustainability page for more details.
Can I get a different size or custom piece?

Maybe! While part of the fun of Dorybird is offering truly one-of-a-kind pieces, if you love something but it's just not your child's size, I might be able to help.

If I have enough fabric to recreate the exact piece in your preferred size, I'm happy to do so! Or, there might be enough to make a different style of clothes with that fabric combo (maybe not enough for a dress, but perhaps a short sleeve shirt, you get the idea). It really depends! So, contact me and I'll check!

I'm happy to do small custom changes (size, sleeve length, print/color choice) on styles I already normally offer. These partial customizations may result in a price change.

I may offer preorder, made-to-order custom slots from time to time, but I don't do full customs at this time. Thank you for understanding. :)

Right now Dorybird is not offering ready-to-ship larger sizes (7-12), but if this is something you'd like to see, please let me know!

Will you have this style I love again?

Maybe! Part of the fun of Dorybird is that most pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. The best way to snag something you love is to keep the shop bookmarked and check back often, and if you love it, buy it!

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I'm always sewing clothes of all kinds and buying various fabrics. Let me know if you love something that sold out, and maybe I can make it (or something similar) again. ;)

How do I buy your books?

Buy my books through Amazon. Here is my Author Page, linking to them.

You can check out my book section for descriptions, too.